Who We Are

The Name

Lindsay's love and passion for horses began about the time she could walk and the first part of her dream came true in April of 1997 when her family purchased her first horse.  Zoie was a bay mare that had more training in more areas than any horse has a right to.  Not only did Zoie teach Lindsay more about riding than any horse could, discovering all of the things Zoie was trained for (usually by accident) made her the perfect first horse.  Lindsay purchased Dakota (dunskin) as a weanling the following year and got her first taste of training a horse.  Dakota was the perfect subject as his willingness to learn matched his desire to please.  Dakota was shown in open shows, used as a 4-H horse and was later sold as a childrens horse.  Levi (palomino) was Lindsay's third purchase and subsequently her first sale.Levi was a sweetheart of a gelding but high school life didn't leave enough time for three horses so off Levi went to a new loving home to get the attention he deserved.  Lindsay has always held all three, Zoie Dakota and Levi in her heart and wanted to keep their memory alive.  As such, Zo Dak Le Equestrian was born.          

The Family

Zo Dak Le has been family owned and operated since the beginning.  Lindsay's parents Ron and Sheila although not on any paperwork lay claim to all of the horses jokingly due to years of supplying hay and pasture space.  The dream wouldn't  be a reality without them allowing Lindsay the freedom to build and modify corrals and pastures as needed to keep going with the business. The third generation is already up and coming with 5 year old Emily who is always eager to help out any way she can. Her favorite way to help her mom is by feeding what are known as "Emmy bales" (1/4 sized hay bales specially made to be just her size).  

The Goals

When Lindsay first started out in the horse industry she found it difficult to find other horse persons that were willing to share their expertise and advice.  Realizing that this was no way to build a stronger industry, she vowed to be different and pass on any knowledge she gained to anyone who wanted to know.  Appreciating that no matter how much knowledge one gains, there is always more to learn and different angles to try, Lindsay also promised herself  that she would always stay humble and refer a client to a different professional if her services weren't a good fit for them. Lindsay has been quoted as saying "I can keep working with your horse if you'd like, but I don't want to waste your horses time or your money.  I'd be happy to recommend someone who is better suited to both of your needs."

The primary goal of Zo Dak Le Equestrian always has and always will be the betterment of every client both equine and human.

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